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Barbados Dollar


Barbados - Barbados dollar

1 Barbados dollar = 100 cents

International designation: BBD, Bd $ or B $

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000

Value of coins in circulation: 50, 25, 10, 5


In general, the currency has existed a very small period of time, after which she changed into foreign currency, which at that time was regarded as a unified and national. Used the currency of a neighboring country for a long time, until fully developed their own currency.

The new currency was more elaborate and interesting, it has absorbed all the positive elements of protection, as well as acquired quite an interesting appearance. Thus, the country had his own national system, which quickly gained popularity necessary. The country's economy began a more intensive development.

That is, we can assume the currency quite presentable and safe, so it is worth pointing out that the modification carried out only in case of new developments in security features.


Currency practically does not differ from other currencies. It is, of course, mark her well-formed system of security, as well as its appearance, but first things first.

Making currency rather classical, that is, on the obverse a portrait of a politician of the country, but to turn e can admire a beautiful work of artists who create some sort of artistic abstraction, and added pictures sights and cultural values.

On the front side of the face value of the currency is, as it can be determined by the size of the bill, more than nominal value, the larger size. The color ratio is not bright, but would still like quite presentable.

The security system is very developed, which is why the currency can be considered safe and stable.


It is worth noting that the currency has a very high binding to the U.S. dollar, in addition, the country has widespread circulation of the dollar.

If you decide to visit this country, they should be, what a country's monetary system, and what currency you are best to use.

To change the currency is best in a specially designated areas, although the national currency and has many security features. But still not worth the risk and change money on the street, as you may be deceived by experienced con artists, who immediately determine that you are not a local tourist.

The country has a sufficiently well developed tourist industry, so there are many tourist areas.

You can change money at banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, and exchange offices. Exchange foreign currency at a national is not difficult. But on the contrary you will not be able to change.