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Brazilian Cruzado


Brazil - the Brazilian real

Brazilian Real is divided into 100 centavos

International designation: BRL

The name has changed gradually over the years, Brazilian real, cruzado, milrays Brazilian, Brazilian Cruzeiro, a new cruzeiro, cruzeiro real, new cruzado.


One penny, not only has the image of the republic, but an inscription that says the name of the coin.

It should also be noted that the modification has changed a bit in the external design, but that did not spare no time no money for more interesting protective function of the bills. Thus, the modification of denominations of 1 real 1997 micro gone on the front side, the new update does not even security thread.

This raises an interesting question, what is protected note, or all the talk of protection were just rumors?

The same modification has been released of two realities that significant changes had no effect. One has only to mention a figure, which was much larger and the colors that are darker, and it was bright blue and dark blue on the back of the banknote has settled a rare turtle.

It should also be pointed out that quite recently the Brazilian Central Bank issued a modification of the polymer banknote of 2000. An entirely new bill is almost identical to the old, only changed the color to which to bill dealt motto

Little changed, and ten reais they depicted a portrait of Pedro Cabral Alvarisha, a complete map of Brazil, left, and the compass rose on the right. But on the other side depicts a stylized map of bill of Brazil.

It is worth more to say about the changes of twenty reals, which left an image of the country. On the reverse side depicts a monkey tamarin. Bill has several protective watermarks.

Dominant color bill - orange, yellow, dark brown and black.