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Bulgarian Lev


Bulgaria - the lion

1 lev = 100 stotinki

International designation: BGL

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 1, 2, 5 leva banknote and on 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 leva

Value of coins in circulation: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25


The country has developed quite gradually, but still worth noting that the currency has evolved in much the same as in other countries.

In the first place in the country there were coins, which are at the moment the only currency.

Coins were made throughout the country and had a different view, while the Government is not standardized monetary system.

After the country began to walk a single sample coins, it became clear that the economy began to grow and rise, respectively, there was need to create and develop a clearer monetary system.

To develop, although approached very seriously, but still the first currency, which appeared in the country, was not presentable appearance, and poorly developed security system.

That is why the economy again began to fall, the government has found the cause and decided to eliminate her.

So, again started to carry out, this time more serious preparation for the release of a new monetary system.

And indeed, after a certain amount of time in the country, a new monetary system that was created is quite interesting, and most importantly the currency had a lot of security features.

Yet there were some flaws, but would still like currency almost immediately became popular, residents have maintained their monetary system, and the law of the country forbade the use of extraneous currency.

It should be pointed out that the modification was carried out several times to make some changes and new developments in the security system.

In general, the currency has turned out interesting, and most importantly safe.


Currency created quite thought-out, and some nuances, it is even original, but still worth mentioning that it was decided not ordinary, but rather a standard color, which led to the fact that the currency is very similar to the other.

That is practically all notes have the same color, except for some changes colors.

But, while the design is not as classical as in other countries. First of all we should point out that on the face of currency is the portrait of a politician of the country, but on the back of the animals.

By itself, the currency has a good system security features, as I want to say about the paper on which was printed currency, it is a very high quality and contains a lot of input symbols that indicate the country belongs, as well as the nominal value.

The nominal value indicated on the front side, and the figure is executed in a rather artistic performance.

In general, the currency has many distinctive characteristics, it can therefore be regarded as original and unique in its kind.


The country is developing tourist industry. By itself, the country can offer tourists a few areas that are just for recreation.

But many are attracted by nature, as well as cultural values ​​of the country.

Currency exchange is unlimited, there is no compulsory exchange. Rupiah is not exchanged. Bureaux de change are open to all banks, hotels and many private exchange bureaux. Currency Exchange with hands is strictly prohibited. When leaving the country remained Leva should change the currency. Calculations using credit cards in Bulgaria so far underdeveloped.