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Czech Koruna


Czech Republic - Czech crown

1 Czech koruna = 100 Heller

International designation: CZK

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 2000, 5000 CZK

Value of coins in circulation are 10, 20, 50 heller and 1, 2, 5 and 10 euros


By the development came very seriously in the first place began to develop a security system that would minimilizirovat the possibility of forgery.

The next step was to develop the look of the currency.

It is worth saying that the currency has acquired a new appearance, which can be characterized as an individual and original. It should also be pointed out that the currency was established a short period of its development, many people worked, with even a few artists who have tried and make it more original and unique.

Coins in the country are walking in now, have only to say that not all supermarkets may see the price and change. Currency is not modified, is listed on the world financial market.


Currency quite original, it has many features like in color and full registration. The obverse of the currency has portraits of political figures, and drawings on the back of attractions and cultural values.

Color solution can please voice bright and original combination of colors and shades on the front and reverse of the banknote the nominal value of the currency, in addition, the nominal value can be distinguished by color and size of the currency.

Special attention should be paid to the security system of currency, as it included a set of security features.

That is, the currency is practically impossible to forge. Still, coming into the country should be very alert and attentive, and most importantly not to change the currency on the street, because this is a lot of exchange offices and banks.


Tourist business in the country is developing, and bring great benefit to the state. It is worth pointing out that many tourists come annually to the country on vacation, as well as for the fact that to admire the sights. But for what would feel more confident in the country should be familiar with the monetary system that exists there.

The exchange rate is quite stable. Exchange offices generally charge a commission (from 10 to 30%), so it's best to look for currency exchange offices that says "0% comission" or pre-real interest rate. In an exchange of currency exchange offices in the central need a passport, on which is written receipt is required for the reverse exchange when leaving the country.

Banks, hotels, large shops and restaurants accepted Eurocheques and credit cards. In urban areas - the mass of ATMs, which at any time you can get a credit card in CZK. Traveler's checks are cashed in major tourist centers and at most banks.

However, the planned transition in 2008 has been postponed until 2012. The stores will only accept the crown. There are shops where you have already begun to take the euro, but they do it in a very disadvantageous exchange rate.