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Estonian Kroon


Estonia - Estonian kroon

1 kroon = 100 sents

The international designation of EJC

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 2,5,10,25,50,100 and 500 CZK

Value of coins in circulation: 5,10,20,50 cents and 1 and 5 euros


First there was the Estonian kroon in use in 1928, this is the new currency replaces the Estonian brand at the rate of 1 kroon = 100 marks. Currency operated until the entry of Estonia into the Soviet Union. After that, in everyday life appeared Soviet ruble, which has long replaced the national currency.

It was only in 1992, the country's leadership has decided to introduce into the everyday life of its own currency, which could become a popular and respected, it would be a second national currency of the country. . The second Estonian kroon was issued June 20, 1992. On September 1, 1992 The Estonian kroon is the sole legal tender in the Republic of Estonia.

Rate of the Estonian currency has long been tied to the national currency of Germany, after Germany went to use the euro, the currency of Estonia was tied to the euro. The Estonian kroon at the time of March 7, 2008 in a state of domestic inflation. National Bank of the country all the time insisting that the country's currency to be changed and converted.


In our time in everyday life are such denominations:

Two crowns, which is the image of the Estonian anthropologist, geographer, academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences of Karl Ernst von Baer in the front side, but on the other side is a picture of the University of Tartu.

5 kronor, which store images depicting chess international grandmaster Paul Keres on the obverse. On the other side shows the Order Castle Narva, Narva river and the fortress of Ivangorod.

CZK 10 with the image of the Estonian folklorist and linguist Jakob Hurta on the front side, but on the other side depicts oak Tamme-Lauri in Urvaste.

25 crowns are a classic image of Estonian literature Anton Hansen Tammsaare on the obverse. On the other hand shows a view of the Vargamyae.

CZK 50 is image composer Rudolf Tobias on the obverse, the reverse depicts Theatre "Estonia" in Tallinn.

100 kroons will present to our attention the image of the Estonian poetess Lydia Koidula Estonia on the obverse. On the reverse side features the North Estonian Glint.

CZK 500 will be pleased with the image of the Estonian politician, journalist and writer Carl Robert Jakobson on the obverse and the national bird of Estonia, swallows, on the other.