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Guinean franc - Currency

The Guinean franc is the currency of Guinea. It is subdivided into one hundred centimes, but no centime denominations were ever issued.

Guinean Franc


Equatorial Guinea - African franc

An African franc equals 100 centimes

International designation: CFA

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 500, 200, 100, 50

Value of coins in circulation: 10, 25, 50


The country currency has evolved very slowly, so you should immediately be noted that the country now to be in monetary union in six countries.

Africa for six countries: Gabon, Cameroon, Congo, Central African Republic, Chad and Equatorial Guinea in 1984), ie, in the last two titles in the French language acronym remained unchanged.

It should also be pointed out that the way of establishment of the monetary system was a complicated and thorny.

In the beginning, as in many other countries started to produce their own coins, which had a lot of the cast from other money of the country.

But such a monetary system lasted not long, and after a certain amount of time in the country have begun to think about options for a more stable monetary own system that would generally maintain and improve the economy of the country, and all branches of government.

Thus, began to produce the country's monetary unit, which is considered uniform and national, but soon it became clear that such a system can not be united and popular, as have many shortcomings in its creation.

Currency spread across the country fast enough, but still at least elements of protection, soon led to the currency ceased to be so popular at the moment of its release. And they began to develop a new currency.

All efforts have been wasted the country as well as multiple versions and editions rates have not brought the necessary popularity.

And then the government has signed an agreement that provided for permanent use foreign currency, eventually became a national and uniform.


Currency quite special, since its security system is almost ideal, because many countries have adopted this currency as their own, and now the currency is very popular and in demand in these countries.

It is worth pointing out that the currency has a classical structure, with the front side is a picture of a politician, but on the other side of the country cultural values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have an image in an artistic style.

It is also worth pointing out that the color scheme, although no special brightness, but still in something very unusual and not standard.

Thus, the currency can be generally regarded as very successful, and most importantly relevant.

It should also say that the currency is quoted on the foreign exchange market.


The country is under development, but it's worth pointing out that the country is quite well developed tourist industry, which brings enough significant results.

Many tourists try to visit this mysterious and fascinating country.

Therefore, before heading to the country should be more seriously acquainted with the country's monetary system and all the possible nuances.

Also, remember that you can change money only in specially designated areas, as in the street you can meet with the scammers.

Currency of the country, though well protected, but it will not allow you to fully protect yourself from those who want to take advantage of your ignorance.

At airports and in hotels, hotels and exchange offices, you will be able to exchange their currency for the national

And most importantly, remember that the currency in the country are respected and revered accordingly and you will need to refer to the currency sufficiently respectful.