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Italian Lira


Italy - Italian lira

1 Italian lira = 100 tsentezimo

International designation: ITL

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 pounds

Value of coins in circulation: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 pounds

Italian lira, which was in the currency from 1 January 2002 along with the euro, now is no longer the national currency and stops circulating in Italy. However, to change the lira to the euro will be in for several years.


The country's development occurred very rapidly, respectively, the monetary unit was not in place, it all started, as in other countries, but should take into account the fact that in Italy practically used foreign currency.

That is, started minting own coins, which should give a great time. Many collectors of our time can boast of Italian coins that are not only harmonious, but a special beauty.

All the coins are printed different samples, that is, in all regions of the country had its own monetary system.

Soon, the Government adopted a law on the printing of a single monetary system, that is all the coins that had circulated in the country, were seized, and began to apply the new coins.

The work was carried out just grand, and in a very short period of time.

Throughout the country there was a proper national system, which differed from the rest of money.

Currency had a very popular not only in the country, after introduced a new national currency, many countries have signed a single contract for the use of Italian currency.

Thus, we conclude that the currency did have a wonderful view, as well as excellent security system. It should also say that in our time in the country except the national currency and the euro is in use.


Currency in its own unique, because one has only to say that the security system of currency has many distinguishing characteristics, the country's currency virtually impossible to forge. Perhaps that is why she had boundless popularity, is also said that the currency is stable enough in relation to other popular currencies.

Оформление заслуживает уважение, ведь цветовая гамма подобранна таким образом, что не слишком бросается в глаза, но тем ни менее яркая и интригующая, номинальная стоимость указана не только на лицевой, но и на оборотней стороне. Кроме того, на лицевой стороне есть портрет политического деятеля, а вот на обороте достопримечательности, культурные ценности и архитектурные ценности.

Currency has a different size, which allows to determine accurately the nominal value.


It should be pointed out that the country is very well developed tourist industry, the government pays great importance to him, why, and makes great contributions to the development.

In an exchange of currency in exchange offices or branches of banks, pay attention not only on the exchange rate as the percentage that is taken for the exchange. This percentage, as a rule, never written, so it must ask the cashier. Some exchange offices and branches of banks are taking no interest, and a fixed amount for an exchange.