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Lao Kip


Laos - Lao kip

1 bale = 100 cents

The international designation of LAK

Denomination banknotes in circulation 5000, 2000, 1000, 500 and 100 bp


The country is in use not only the bales, but the Thai baht. Sellers are more willing to accept dollars or baht, rather than bales. Delivery of the same will always produce bales.

Before the single currency was created, I covered a lot of time.

There have been many modifications, that is, money all the time changed and transformed.

It is worth noting that the currency was created and put into operation in 1925, that is, at this time was made the introduction of the currency in common use throughout the country.

At the time, respectively, there was not any special protection on the bills and they can be easily faked. It is for this reason that there was need to modify the currency, but still a very long time there was no modification of the currency.

So in 1952, was produced and put into use more sophisticated currency, which immediately got a pretty reasonable popularity. Many of the currencies that went around the country were quickly replaced by a new one.

Currency had a number of advantages, it has become more colorful and attractive, and the difference between nominal values ​​was seen not only in number, and color, but also in size.


That is worth considering that all bills have a portrait of the politician who bill differ in color, as well as in size.

All bills are the silver of the tape, which makes the currency more secure.


All currency has a kind of copy protection, it is necessary to point out that the owl did not have time currency for special protection that's why she was subjected to forgery, which will undoubtedly undermine the country's economy, over time, the government decided to allocate money for that would improve its currency.