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Nepalese Rupee


Nepal - Nepalese rupee

A Nepalese rupees = 100 paise

The international designation of Rs

Denomination banknotes in circulation banknotes in 1000, 500, 100, 50, 25, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 rupee



Money of Nepal are quite simple and do not have singularities, that is, they have their own specific design, and of course its nominal value and its color, but it is not bright and interesting, particularly so on this occasion to describe something.

One has only to point out that many of the bills contain on the obverse portraits of political figures, and on the reverse abstraktsionye sketches, besides colors quite pale, and so it is very difficult to distinguish between the nominal value of the person who sees the bad.


In Nepal, it is easy to trade most world currencies, including U.S. dollars, Japanese yen and European foreign currency. In addition, because of strong ties with India, the Indian rupee is also in Nepal, a sort of hard currency. It should be noted that fear of fraud, many exchange institutions refuse to accept bills of $ 100, and 500 Indian rupees.

Besides all the above is just to point out that the rupiah is tied to the Indian rupee in the ratio 1.6 Nepalese rupees for an Indian. Currency fairly well-established.

Currency should only be changed at banks, but as a rule, many tourists like to wander through the black market and that is where he is and tries to change currency.

Rate on the black market, as elsewhere is significantly higher than in the bank.

Credit card payments accept the world's major systems for hotels and shops in Kathmandu and Pohare - the second in popularity among foreign visitors center in Nepal.