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New Zealand Dollar


Niue - New Zealand Dollar

1 New Zealand Dollar = 100 cents

International designation: NZ $, NZD

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars

Value of coins in circulation: 1, $ 2, 50, 20, 10 and 5 cents


It is worth noting that the currency of the country there is a very long time, but development was not very intense.

The country had a lot of nuances, which became the country is almost lethal. Development is not so interesting, but there are still some moments that led the country to use currency other more developed countries.

Currency had a vision of the original coins, they all had a very interesting design.

The country currency has been modified and changed that is, but still the national currency and the single did not.

The first began to develop monetary system in the form of coins, then the economy began to grow more rapidly, requiring a more serious attitude.

Started working on a new monetary system, which began to take a more developed appearance.

Still, the currency came into being fairly poor quality, from that point and start all sorrows and misfortunes of the country.

The country has long enjoyed its own monetary system, but it has never had a normal appearance, and also had a certain security.

Currency had a lot of different versions, but still not gained the popularity that necessary.

On the currency of the country did not become popular, but had a long walk. The country is going chaos for a while appeared currency, which was made in a country that is practically a national, in a while there existed other countries currency.

That is such an attitude to the monetary system, so it is worth to say that the country's currency has appeared, which became a national and uniform, although the currency was borrowed from another country.

The country's economy was adjusted, and naturally began more intensive development, that is, everything fell into place.


Since this currency enjoys several countries, which consist of a single national union. It should be pointed out that the currency is very interesting and original, as well as safe.

The security system of currency is very developed, in addition, every ten years be changed, which makes some changes and additions to the monetary unit of the security elements.

Making currency rather classic, not to say that standard.

On the obverse is an image of a politician, but on the other side there are several attractions designed in the form of artistic representation.

Currency is very popular, and most importantly very safe.


The country is developing tourist industry, which accordingly can make a big difference in the country.

Many people are frequencies coming into the country, for that would be nice to leave, as well as see some sights that can be happy.

The country is very interesting, so many tourists will come very often.

It should be pointed out that the monetary system of the country is very popular both in the country and abroad.

Treasury Niue sometimes produces a turnover of special commemorative coins, which, despite the very real and nominal value are more collectibles than a real means of payment.

Currency exchange is possible at any hotel or exchange office, though actually exchange any foreign currency other than Australian or New Zealand dollars, it is possible only in the offices of Bank of South Pacific and Westpac in Alofi. Somewhat easier to exchange currency before leaving the island in New Zealand or Australia.