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Peruvian Nuevo Sol


Peru - the new salt

A new salt = 100 centimes

International designation: PEN, domestic - S

Denomination banknotes in circulation are 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 salt

Value of coins in circulation: 1, 2 and 5 G, 5, 10, 20 and 50 centimes


It is worth pointing out that the country is developing very rapidly, and currently has a fairly stable currency and the original, let's go a little back and review how the current is very different currency to that which existed in the country before.

It all started with the fact that in the country, using only foreign currency, special need to develop its own was not, that's why the development of the monetary system of the country slowed down a bit, is just to say that over time the use of external currencies has led to what economy suffered a loss.

The Government has decided to quickly develop its own monetary system, which would help restore the economy.

But it turned out quite as planned.

That is, the monetary system was created, but it did not have much popularity due to the fact that almost did not have the safety features.

The people were in the perturbation, from that moment and start multiple versions, which were held in the country.

Every time little attention is paid to the security system, and the currency became again not suitable.

When more or less stabilized the monetary situation in the country, again intervened inflation.

After inflation, decided to pay more attention to the creation of currency, and later established the monetary unit, which had an acceptable appearance and a lot of security features.


Currency of the country has no great originality, it is worth pointing out that the layout and design of the monetary unit is poor, but do not forget that the currency has long been formed, and has now become a very safe and attractive.

All the colors used in the manufacture and have a pale shades that can not emphasize its design. On the obverse is a portrait of political figures, and on the back of Cultural Property.


The development of tourism in many ways enables to support the economy and make it more flexible, which is why the Government allocates very substantial funds for the issue of tourism.

ATMs in the capital, paid in cash as in the salts, as well as in dollars. Credit cards (up to 8% commission) and traveler's checks are served only in the capital and in tourist areas (preference for checks in U.S. dollars), but the exchange rate is usually quite unfavorable. In the province to use non-cash means of payment is almost impossible.