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Swedish Krona


Sweden - Swedish Krona

1 Swedish krona = 100 ore

International designation: Skr, SEK

Denomination banknotes in circulation: 1,000, 500, 100, 50, 20 and 10

Value of coins in circulation: 10, 5, 1 crown, and 50 era


It is worth a lot of attention to the fact that in itself is very intensive development of the country, naturally developed intensively, and currency of the country.

Everything began with the fact that the country used its own reserves, that is, everywhere in the country only had circulation coins of its own production, after a long period of time to hit the country foreign currency, which undermined the country's economy.

The decision was taken in the country fast enough, required the creation of a single national currency, which would be able to raise and restore the country's economy. Development did not last long, but yet no less is still the issue came up very seriously.

Currency should not only be presentable and original form, but also has an excellent security system.

Thus, currency revered and respected not only within countries but also beyond, is also noted that it is listed on the world financial market.


Currency is made very interesting, match colors gives it a beautiful appearance, in addition, it should be said that the system security features are very well designed, that is why the currency is very reliable and safe.

By itself, the currency is stable, meaning it has not been inflation. The obverse of the coins in one of SEK depicted the silhouette of the monarch of Sweden, and the reverse - one of the coats of arms of Sweden, or crown.

20 Swedish kronor with an image of the writer Selma Lagerlöf on the front side

50 SEK featuring Jenny Lind, opera singer;

100 SEK with a picture of Carl Linnaeus;

500 SEK with a picture of King Charles XI and Swedish inventor

1000 SEK with a picture of King Gustav Vasa.

All bills are not just different colors, but different size, which differentiates them from external data.

The nominal value of the currency indicated on both sides of the bill.

It is worth saying that the design of the currency was engaged several artists who were able to perfectly portray the sights and cultural values.


The development of tourism in the country occur quite rapidly, ie in the country, there are many tourist areas, and many people come into the country on vacation.