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Swiss Franc


Liechtenstein - Swiss Franc

1 Swiss franc = 100 centimes

International designation: SHF

Denomination banknotes in circulation are 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 francs

Value of coins in circulation: 5, 10, 20 centimes, 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 francs


It is worth noting that the history of the monetary system is very interesting and exciting.

Naturally it all started with a coin, but it is not worth spending too much time, because of their coins have actually been produced, and used the coin reserves of other nations.

Yet in his time there was a need to create their own currency.

The decision was made almost instantly, and the country had his own monetary system, but it was not destined long to serve the state and the people are too careless a security system, and after a while the country was filled with counterfeit money.

That is, this development has brought the country only loss, in contrast to the expected development.

Nevertheless, the Government sought to obtain their own and adopted a new decision to create a more stable and interesting exchange. To create a second currency labored over a long time, and of course the result could enjoy.

Was born beautiful and interesting currency, which was not only the original appearance, but also a good security system. That is, the currency was almost perfect, but here the country was not lucky, because after a certain amount of time inflation completely destroyed a new monetary system.

Create something new does not have the resources, and modernize the old did not make sense.

And so the country has signed the agreement on its territory and yet there was a single national currency and the Swiss franc.

Currency, this has been very stable and original, so very quickly sat down to develop the country's economy.

It is worth pointing the same way that the government has paid great attention to tourism development in the country. Currently, the country's booming tourism, and thus helps to stabilize the economy.


Currency is stable and very interesting, has some peculiarities in their appearance, as well as excellent security system that makes virtually no currency was subject to fraud.

It should be said that the design of a classic that is a portrait of a politician of the country, but on the other side attractions.

Paper on which were printed banknotes, can indicate membership in the country.


Currency can be exchanged at banks, in many major stores (the most favorable rate), airports, and some travel agencies, as well as at most hotels (usually the most unfavorable course).

Major travelers checks and credit cards are accepted everywhere, the exchange rate at banks is extremely stable and has a small commission. Preference will be given checks in U.S. dollars, pounds sterling or Swiss francs.

Prices in Liechtenstein are among the highest in Europe. From May to August, during the peak tourist season, they grow even more.