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Uzbekistani soʻm - Currency

The soʻm is the currency of Uzbekistan in Central Asia.ʻm

Uzbekistan Som


Uzbekistan - Uzbek soums

A sum = 100 tiyin

The global symbol So'm

Denomination banknotes in circulation a sum, sum 3, 5, sum, 10 sum, 25 sum 50 sum, 100 sum, 200 sum, 500 soums, 1000, the sum

Value of coins in circulation at 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Tiin


As the national currency amounts only appeared in 1994, although he had power for a long time thought to create its own currency after the collapse of the Union, there was an urgent need to create a new one, their currencies.

It should be pointed out that during the reign of union in the country, there was only Soviet currency, the ruble is.

Currency for a long time for full deliberation and created, but the result still was happy to, as money had almost identical appearance.


All the money have a very similar form, that is, they are all the same size, and differ only in different shades of color schemes.

Currency is the same beautiful and thoughtful design.


You can exchange money at branches of National Bank, a specialized exchange offices and some hotels. Currency Exchange from individuals formally punishable by law (the exchange outside the officially authorized institutions, a really high risk of becoming a victim of fraud).

While many tourists have yet to change the currency on the black market just because of the frequent lack of cash in banks. Exchange in Uzbekistan Russian Ruble is only possible on the black market.

It should also be noted that the exchange rate is much more profitable on the black market than in banks.